Dispatchment of Workers

Prior to dispatch of any worker whether skilled / professional or unskilled / ordinary labour everybody is to attend the orientation course. The purpose of this orientation is to explain the workers his:-

  • Job Specification
  • Job Responsibilities and Duties
  • Working Hours, Salary, Overtime, Leave, Accommodation etc.
  • What necessary document they should kept with them
  • How employer or its representation will identify them at the Airport.

We also introduce customs, basic laws and general awareness about employer's country.

  • Basic Laws, Rules and Regulation of the country of employer.
  • Food, Living and Wears
  • Customs and Languages.
  • Communication with public or with your colleagues.
  • Cultural Awareness.
  • Industrial Safety Measures.
  • Punctuality and Job Commitment.
  • Hard work is a key of success
  • How to inform emergencies to Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade.
  • What document you should keep with you while travelling or going out site from your residence.