Our Recruitment Procedures

Permission from Protectorate of Emigrants Government of Pakistan:

Upon receipt of the documents (Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, etc) from our prospective Employers, we submit these documents to the Protector of Emigrants, Governments of Pakistan, to obtain necessary registration / Permission and thereafter, we become legalized to advertise our demand in newspapers.


On proper approval of the authorities concerned we do advertise for relative vacancies in newspapers, radio and TV, to find the most suitable candidates from across the country. The advertisement of vacancies is made through leading daily Newspaper in order to attract sufficient pool of candidates for selection / interview.

Selection, Trade Testing and Interviews.

We compile the Bio-Data for the candidate, by incorporating their comprehensive information retaining to the candidate's past tract of record and his experience. Bio-Data compiles the initial screening of the application is conducted.

When the preliminary screening is over, then individual / applicant is given an oral interview by our interviewing staff that is having experience in the same trade/skills. The interviewer's observations / recommendations thereafter entered on the appropriate places of the application. As the case might require, the applicant is then asked for the written test.

After the written test, trade/skill/practical testing is conducted and prior to his final selection the following points are checked carefully:

  • Background, Social Conduct, Behavior, Self Confidence, Verbal ability, Involvement in the political activities, Capacity for self reflection, belief in personal efficiency etc.
  • Psychological testing in case of high skilled and professionals.
  • Detailed medical and physical examination.

Interview by the delegation

If the employer prefers to interview candidates through his delegation or the recruitment company at abroad interviews the candidates itself on behalf of employer, we will provide the most suitable and professional environment to conduct interviews and trade testing to select a right man for the right position. We have also established our latest computerized online recruitment system through which test and interviews can be performed remotely from anywhere world widely.